Competition Recap

Inclusion Plus China Winners

Inclusion Plus identified over 60 innovative solutions working to improve access to quality financial services in China. Five finalists competed at the final event on January 10, 2017, and our judges voted on the winners. See their projects below.

First Place | Granted ¥150,000

YiBao Plan

YiBao Plan (益宝计划) collaborates with insurance companies to develop quality products for low- to middle-income populations. Their mission is to equip all Chinese with affordable, high-quality insurance plans.

Second Place | Granted ¥75,000
+ People’s Choice

FinBot by Rikai Labs

FinBot is an artificial intelligence advisor within the WeChat platform that allows users to ask for and receive advice on financial topics. With the goal of increasing financial capability in China, FinBot is designed to save information from received questions and relevant data for future users to increase efficiency.

Third Place | Granted ¥35,000

Haihui – Heifer

Haihui – Heifer (国际小母牛组织中国分部) raises the productive capability and independent leadership of villagers through training programs in areas including livestock management, marketing and sales, commercial finance, and more. By donating agricultural commodities and establishing mutual assistance groups, Haihui – Heifer answers the call for sustainable loans and credit services in rural areas.

Runner-Up | Granted ¥20,000

Baoxian Pai

Baoxian Pai (保险派) is an online/internet-based insurance product distribution platform that connects insurance providers and large online platforms to create tailored and affordable insurance products for the low to moderate-income segment of China’s population. Baoxian Pai reduces the barriers to collaboration while increasing product distribution and efficiency.

Runner-Up | Granted ¥20,000

Incubators for Rural Mutual Assistance Banks

Incubators for Rural Mutual Assistance Banks (农民互助银行的孵化器) works directly with rural communities to organize cooperatives that serve the unique financial needs of rural Chinese, providing convenient and compatible financial services to rural households to foster economic growth throughout each of their communities.

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