Competition Recap

Inclusion Plus Ireland Winners

Inclusion Plus identified over 40 innovative solutions working to improve access to quality financial services in Ireland. Five finalists competed at the final event on September 16, 2016, and our judges voted on the winners. See their projects below.

First Place | Granted €25,000

GRID Finance

The GRID is an online platform created by GRID Finance that allows everyday Irish people to provide capital for small Irish businesses to create a sustainable cycle of giving within the local community.

Second Place | Granted €10,000
+ People’s Choice


WeSavvy will help Irish policyholders lower their insurance premiums by reporting real-time data about policyholders’ lifestyles for a more robust health profile. WeSavvy collects existing data from everyday technology to better evaluate risk factors, incentivize policyholders to maintain healthy lifestyle habits, and encourage them to change unhealthy ones.

Runner-Up | Granted €2,500

Initiative Ireland

Initiative Ireland is constructing the first regulated personal online marketplace allowing easy peer-to-peer lending, where everyone can be a lender or a borrower. Instead of applying for a high-risk, high-interest payday loan, borrowers can apply for low-risk loans from their Irish neighbors. Initiative Ireland finds the right loan for the right borrower, ensuring a higher return on investments.

Runner-Up | Granted €2,500

Basic Banking in Your Hand

FinTech Innovations Limited presents Basic Banking in Your Hand, a white-label software for banks that delivers a simple, mobile-first banking experience to those without access to banking management tools. The basic banking app will improve Irish access to everyday banking products and teach users basic money management skills.

Runner-Up | Granted €2,500


The National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) proposes “Manage your Money”, a structured distance education program delivered nationwide by professional adult literacy tutors. The aim is to remove literacy barriers to accessing financial services by integrating a wide range of resources from NALA’s financial literacy library.

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Thank you to our MetLife mentors.

Adam Brack, AVP Regional Head of Treasury ESE & MEA, was the MetLife Mentor to Ireland’s winning team, GRID Finance. He encourages all MetLife employees to get involved.