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Inclusion Plus Korea Winners

Inclusion Plus identified 90 innovative solutions working to improve access to quality financial services in Korea. Five finalists competed at the final event on August 24, 2018, and our judges voted on the winners. See their projects below.

First Place | Granted $50,000 USD


Owls provides affordable lease and insurance products to delivery people and delivery service agencies, providing those who are highly exposed to accidents, but typically underinsured, within the local contexts where the volume of delivery agency markets are growing.

Second Place | Granted $25,000 USD


LearnInvest provides a personal financial management portal called PlanPlus, which combines personal asset management and AI-based learning approaches for the financially excluded.


Third Place | Granted $12,000 USD

Hope Makers

Hope Makers provides financial education, coaching, financial counseling, and psychological counseling to individuals and households who are in a state of excess debt to finance.


Fourth Place | Granted $5,000 USD + People’s Choice


Peachmarket aims to improve informational equities among people with learning disabilities by providing financial education through books, in-person education, and audio eBooks.


Fifth Place | Granted $5,000 USD


Germado provides a set of solutions for restaurant business entrepreneurs and young people who are willing to develop their careers in the restaurant business. They provide financial support and a skillset training program to run or work in a restaurant.

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