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Inclusion Plus Egypt & Lebanon Winners

Inclusion Plus identified over 30 innovative solutions working to improve access to quality financial services in Egypt and Lebanon. Six finalists competed at the final event on 6 December 2017, and our judges voted on the winners. See their projects below.

First Place | Granted $50,000 USD


MoneyFellows is a web- and mobile-based platform that enables people to access interest-free credit and better saving achievements powered by their personal network, making credit more transparent, scalable, and organized.

Second Place | Granted $25,000 USD

ReAble Inc.

ReAble develops assistive financial technology for people with special needs. ReAble’s initial product, the ReAble Wallet, promotes responsible financial habits and ensuring fair transactions.

Third Place | Granted $12,000 USD


PayMob is a Payment Service Provider with the aim of converting cash into electronic money, offering people a more secure, transparent, and cost-effective way to manage funds.

Runner-Up | Granted $5,000 USD
+ People’s Choice

Alashanek ya Balady – SD

Alashanek ya Balady for Sustainable Development aims to create an economically-independent society by providing microfinance products and services to individuals and small businesses in the lowest-income areas in rural Egypt.

Runner-Up | Granted $5,000 USD


AID:Tech focuses on the delivery of digital assets and entitlement through digital Identity using blockchain technology. Their social mission is to solve some of the world’s biggest problems such as legal identity, financial inclusion, and anti-corruption in both developing and developed countries.

Runner-Up | Granted $5,000 USD

Al Majmoua

Al Majmoua seeks to improve social and economic conditions of low-income families living in Lebanon. They offer unbanked individuals the financial tools, knowledge, and skills they need to secure their basic needs while ensuring transparency, developing skills, and improving knowledge.

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