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Inclusion Plus United States Winners

Inclusion Plus identified over 150 innovative solutions working to improve access to quality financial services in the United States. Five finalists competed at the final event on October 9, 2018, and our judges voted on the winners. See their projects below.

First Place | Granted $100,000 USD

Onward Financial

Onward Financial is a mobile savings and credit app that enables low- to moderate-income workers to build financial security. Offered as an employer benefit, workers can save effortlessly, build financial literacy, and access responsible credit when emergencies strike.

Second Place | Granted $30,000 USD


Oxygen provides working capital loans for freelancers who are unable to get credit from traditional lenders because they lack a full-time job with fixed recurring income. Oxygen offers them free mobile banking and flat-fee access to credit.

Third Place | Granted $10,000 USD
+ People’s Choice

EARN: SaverLife

EARN’s savings technology and programs help working families set aside the savings they need to achieve financial security by combining financial rewards with motivational financial coaching, encouraging regular savings habits.

Runner-Up | Granted $3,500 USD

Benefit Kitchen

Benefit Kitchen created Censerio, a healthcare-focused benefit screener designed to help providers and insurers increase revenue, improve public health, and connect patients with benefits they need.

Runner-Up | Granted $3,500 USD

PYT Funds

Pay Your Tuition (PYT) Funds uses a hybrid approach to traditional financing, connecting families with banks to help tackle the financial hurdles that are the number-one reason students drop out of school.

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